Your How-To Guide to an AMAZING Resume and Cover Letter!

The Jungle Guide to Resumes and Cover Letters E-book

How many times have you applied for a job – and never heard a word?

Do you secretly wonder if your resume/cover letter convey who you are and what you can offer?

Do you think your resume might be good enough, but wonder just how it really stacks up?

Are you aware that you’re up against literally hundreds of other supremely qualified candidates – many of whom spend more than 20 hours finessing their resume and perfecting their cover letter?

I’m 2 years into working 1:1 with some of the best and brightest students and professionals around the world, and I am still amazed every day.  I hang up from coaching calls and wonder, “How could your career services center fail you so tragically?  How could you believe this kind of resume would be remotely interesting to an employer?” – and most importantly, “How could I do better?” 

I spent hundreds of hours and completed extensive research to compile the first in a series of e-books that will help you bridge the gap.  Included in this, our flagship publication, are the secrets I learned through my mega-competitive application review sessions as a consultant at Bain & Company, where even the highest-paid professionals were a part of bringing in the new top talent – as well as tips I never knew I was applying when I got calls for job interviews that hundreds of others were drooling over.

Introducing our Jungle Guide to Resumes & Cover Letters - 65 power-packed pages and 24 templates with specific details to answer all the questions you need to apply successfully.  The guide goes in depth on a few core areas, including:


  • What does results-oriented really mean?
  • Should my education or experience go first?
  • Font size:  how small is too small?
  • I’m a Ph.D./J.D./I-banker/Experienced hire – can I have a longer resume?

Cover Letter

  • Should my cover letter have paragraphs or bullets?  Should it be long or short and to-the-point?
  • Should I talk more about me, or about the position I want?
  • Do HR reviewers even read cover letters?


  • I am open to working anywhere in the world – how do I choose my office preferences?
  • I already have an interview scheduled – how can networking help me now?

Why the Jungle Guide to Resumes & Cover Letters?

After going through a hyper-competitive application process myself, I worked at Bain in the firm’s Atlanta office.  I experienced biannual (full-time and internship recruiting) 450+ resume/cover letter review sessions.  All told, over my career, beyond my own successful applications to investment banks, consumer goods conglomerates and tech companies like Google, Georgia-Pacific, Jurlique and Goldman Sachs, I’ve assessed thousands of applicants. I know what the top firms are looking for…and perhaps more importantly, things NOT TO DO that (if you ignore me) will get your application quickly tossed aside.

While I’ve served over 1000 customers with resume and cover letter editing services, and I love personally editing your applications, some of you – especially our student segment – have said that even our super-competitive prices are just too high.

As I’ve conducted extensive line-by-line edits of your resumes, I’ve been developing insights and expertise that I am now putting in your hands, so that you have everything you need to rock your resume and cover letter on your own.  It’s like talking directly to me and using hours of tailored editing services wrapped into one…all for a fraction of the price of the full editing package!

You need to know this up front: getting interviews is hard in any job market, but right now it can be borderline impossible.  What might have gotten a look 5 years ago as a generic story with a boring format will not fit what today’s hiring managers are expecting – and they are expecting a lot. You’ll need every edge that you can get.

The Jungle Guide to Resumes & Cover Letters  is the first step in your job application process – after all, don’t you have to get that interview before you get to show off your brilliant answers and tell your top leadership story?

Oh, and one more HUGE deal (we’re so excited!):  we’ve included 12 resume templates and 12 cover letter templates that are each amazing on their own, but beyond that we’ve tailored them for specific backgrounds. We received so many unbelievably terrible documents submitted through our resume/cover letter editing services that we knew we had to make these available to give you a point of excellence to start from.  Here are the types of templates we’ve created:

  • Undergrad
  • Undergrad with Leadership
  • Undergrad Intern
  • Finance Guru/I-banking crossover
  • MBA
  • MBA/Experienced Pro
  • Experienced Pro (technical)
  • Experienced Lawyer
  • Workshop Application
  • Max content
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Ph.D./Advanced degree

If you can’t wait to get started, you can buy it now. Otherwise, we prepared more detail on the book that you can use to make the best decision of your career (we didn’t say it – a customer did!).

“It will be one of the best moves for your career!”

“My first day of posting my new resume I had a call from a corporate recruiter.  Within 2 weeks of posting my resume I had 5 firms that had scheduled 2nd round interviews with me.  Within 3 weeks I was at the point where I needed to turn down interviews because I couldn’t schedule them all.  Within 4 weeks I had 4 final round interviews and by the end of the 5th week I had 3 amazing offers (in what is thought to be a fairly weak economy).  The firms that have recruited have been IBM, CagGem, Accenture, several large Fortune 500s (for their internal strategy teams), and a handful of mid-sized consulting firms highly rated by Consulting Magazine.  Anyone not working with you is doing themselves a great disservice. I have absolutely no reservations recommending you to my friends, family, and peers.  If you’re reading this and unsure about the investment, it’ll be one of the best moves for your career.”

- MBA who broke into his first-choice firm

We’ve power-packed the pages of the Jungle Guide, making it the only guide you need to create and submit successful applications.   We’re sure you want to know more about what’s inside, which is why we created a primer…

Creating a killer resume

  • 11 resume mistakes that will cost you your dream interview
  • Our deepest innermost secrets – like 8 ways we get all that detail onto 1 page without creating a wordwall
  • The method to our madness – the step-by-step of editing and why you must explain that scholarship or company award you won
  • Word tips – how to use specific words to create a results-driven resume
  • 12 Templates to format your resume into a pleasing visual presentation

Writing a resounding cover letter

  • Formats and elements that work every time, with 12 templates to get you started
  • Cover letter structure and style:  How to DIY
  • Our tricks-of-the-trade – such as using insider lingo that will woo your readers
  • How to send subliminal messages – such as why you should tell a story vs. list your accomplishments
  • And ultimately…the key difference between a winner and a loser

Sailing through the application process

  • Basic tips and tricks that every top candidate knows
  • Customizing resumes and cover letters - how to tailor your story for different firms
  • Applying off-cycle or from a non-target background – secrets to making the most of your opportunity
  • Secrets of online application systems, and how not to get lost in a black hole of nothingness
  • How to use your interview at one top company to your advantage – and how to avoid totally ruining your chances
  • Tips for getting started on preparing for interviews

What makes the Jungle Guide to Resumes & Cover Letters the best on the market? The guide not only provides specific tips on what reviewers are looking for, but it explains HOW they review and HOW to create resumes and cover letters step-by-step that convey exactly what HR managers are looking for.  The 24 real-life MS Word templates also set the guide apart – they don’t just show you what yours should look like and leave to recreate in the dark, but they give you best-in-class examples that will give you a brand new resume and cover letter in under an hour.

“I didn’t know if it would work, but it’s better than I imagined…”

“I scoured the Internet for good resume resources and stumbled on yours. I had done a lot of work on my resume, and even hired so-called experts to help me.  I was really skeptical when making my purchase, but I’m so glad I did!  Buying your Jungle Guide to Resumes & Cover Letters  was the best decision I made in my whole job search.The templates were especially incredible…I was really battling to come up with a super-professional format and mixing and matching them gave me a resume my friends all want to copy!  Thanks for taking the time to create this resource – you’re really making a difference!”

- Paul, experienced hire with a new and improved resume

Wow, it sounds pretty good.  I’m interested in more detail.

I know you’re curious about the exact insights that the Jungle Guide offers.  Here they are -

For the application review process…

  • The secret ranking system of reviewers (pg. 5)
  • The process for the call – who is in, who is out, and how they decide between those on the fence (pg. 6-7)

For resume editing…

  • 11 resume mistakes that will cost you your dream interview (pg. 9-12)
  • Presenting proactive language that will demonstrate your leadership qualities in every situation (pg. 13)
  • How to quantify competitive accomplishments so you can stand out from your peers (pg. 13)
  • Adding specific metrics to make your resume more readable, believable and memorable (pg. 14)
  • How to pick the perfect number of bullets for every resume entry, and why violating this rule will cost you (pg. 14)
  • The 21 top action verbs for resumes, and 212 total verbs that you can use for variety! (pg. 17-18)
  • The only margin type you need to know how to use – and why we use it for every resume we edit (pg.  19)
  • The only 8 fonts to use – and when and why to use them (pg. 19)
  • What your email address says about you – and why it’s imperative to choose the right one (or sign up for a new one!) (pg. 20)
  • The 3 key sections that absolutely must be on every resume (pg. 21)
  • The 12 month abbreviations that you should never deviate from (pg. 22)
  • How to decide on 1 or 2 spaces between sentences, and why it really does matter (pg. 23)
  • How using the date of graduation instead of the years of attendance could save your whole application (pg. 24)
  • 2 examples of Personal sections that got interviews for candidates, and how to write your own (pg. 25)
  • Why an overview and an objective are absolutely not created equal, and which one to choose (pg. 26)
  • When to put your education vs. experience first, and why the answer isn’t as obvious as you might think (pg. 27)
  • How to avoid ruining your chances by addressing gaps in the wrong way (pg. 29-30)
  • Why the GPA cutoff is real – and what to do if you don’t meet it (pg. 31)
  • When relevant coursework is actually relevant, and how to include it constructively (pg. 32)
  • How to get up to 4 extra lines on every page, and 11 other tips on condensing your resume into a readable one-pager (pg. 35-36)
  • 12 TEMPLATES that you can use to start creating an amazing resume in less than 5 minutes!

For cover letter editing…

  • Specific tactics on striking the balance between covering key points and recapping your resume (pg. 39)
  • Why “I believe,” “I feel” and “I think” should never be found in your cover letter (pg. 40)
  • Why using the mailing address for a firm is a waste of time, and what you should do instead (pg. 41)
  • How explaining away terrible results violates an unwritten code, and how to choose alternatives (pg. 42)
  • Why consulting firms even have you submit a cover letter, and the top 2 functions the cover letter plays in the process (pg. 43)
  • Why matching the cover letter style to your resume is important, and how to do that effectively (pg. 44)
  • Where to put your office of choice, and why it absolutely must be on the cover letter (pg. 45)
  • The 9 classifications of career stages you can use to know which role you should apply for (pg. 46)
  • Proper (and improper) headings for the cover letter – and why anonymous starts are okay (pg. 46)
  • 5 key factors you should start using today to choose which experiences to highlight in your cover letter (pg. 49-50)
  • The only 2 cover letter styles that matter – and why they should matter to you (pg. 50-51)
  • One unspoken rule that must never be broken for any cover letter at any time (pg. 52)
  • 10-part anatomy of a cover letter – a DIY guide (pg. 53)
  • The make-or-break way to name-drop in the cover letter (pg. 55)
  • 12 TEMPLATES that you can use to start creating an amazing cover letter in less than 5 minutes!

For submission tips and hints…

  • The right way and the wrong way to name your documents – and why firms even give a darn (pg. 59)
  • How to get noticed from an off-cycle or non-target school (pg. 60)
  • 3 questions you absolutely must answer before submitting your application online (pg. 61-62)
  • 4 ways to ensure you never end up in application oblivion (pg. 62-64)
  • 3 tips for contacting recruiters that will more than double your chances of getting a response (pg. 63-66)

The Jungle Guide to Resumes & Cover Letters goes way beyond building the latest and greatest resume that far surpasses your friends, peers and other candidates – it teaches you how to present yourself in a direct and confident way that will carry over through your entire interview process.

Of course, our Jungle Guide to Resumes & Cover Letters could go from “great” to “crazy-great.”

Even though we already offer a product that is better than anything on the market, the Jungle Guide could have 100 pages of how-tos and 40 total templates.

Well, thanks for bringing that up.  We think that’s a darned good idea too.   In fact, we are in the process already of compiling new content.  And – we want your help.  We hope you’ll email us when you’re reading it to let us know what you think might be awesome to have in the updated version!  And as a courtesy to you for growing with us, you’ll receive free lifetime updates.

Okay, this sounds amazing.  How much will it cost me?

The total price for the Jungle Guide to Resumes & Cover Letters is $35. It’s an e-book that is instantly delivered to your e-mail inbox, and remember – you receive lifetime updates for free!

After your purchase, you can download it immediately and get started on creating a brand new resume/cover letter. No hassle with shipping.

Get the Jungle Guide to Resumes & Cover Letters today and start preparing your applications in under 5 minutes!

Additional questions:

I’m an experienced professional.  Is this guide just for undergrads or MBAs?

Absolutely not – this guide is for you too. Why?  Because your transition is harder, your explanations more nuanced, your experience more robust (read:  lengthy) and therefore you need more help.  We work with folks just like you every day on our resume/cover letter editing side, so we’ve crafted the book to address needs both of current students and current professionals.

I’m not from the U.S.  Is this guide still relevant?

Yes, absolutely! The processes for job applications are very similar globally.  When the requirements differ slightly between the U.S. and overseas for other firms, this book was written to address just that – covering cross-border issues throughout (pg. 35 is just one example).  Approximately 40% of our customers are applying to overseas offices, so we share our international perspective.  Of course, always get the final word on things like page length and mandatory content for each region so you have up-to-the-minute intelligence, but we’re confident recommending to clients around the world.  As always, if you’re unhappy, just email us and we’ll give you a 100% refund.

I’m applying to a specific type of firm.  Is this book going to help me at all?

Unless you’re specifically applying to jobs with the U.S. Federal government, who have their own wonky standards on how to present your information, this book will give you a best practice resume.  Reason #1 why this is important:  Our clients don’t have time to create multiple resumes, so we help build a resume that’s good enough for any kind of job.  Reason #2 why this is important:  if it’s good enough for top-tier consulting, which is where most of my experience comes from and is generally recognized as one of the most competitive fields globally to break into, it’s good enough for any application.  Yes, that includes i-banking, finance, legal, accounting, corporate strategy, and thousands of other roles you might be thinking about.  Of course, you might have to change a few keywords here and there, but 99% of the resume will stay the same regardless of the role you are applying for.

I need more help.  Will you still edit my documents?

Heck yeah we will.  Why?  80% of you are going to find that this book makes your life a breeze, and for a fraction of the cost, you’ll get the best resume around.  However, for the rest of you – breaking in to a new job from drastically different fields, applying cross-culturally, or in need of a second pair of eyes to make sure your English is perfect – we are working around the clock with our California-based dedicated and hand-selected team of editing ninjas on resume/cover letter services, recreating your documents and advise you personally along the way.

Can I buy the book in print?

No.  Why?  Our customers have confirmed that this is the way to go.  You can start creating a brand new resume/cover letter in less than 5 minutes!  It’d be great to have a print version – but  the speed and flexibility of the online version is superior, and of course we couldn’t deliver 24 templates that you can actually use in a printed book.

Click here to buy it now – you’ll be 100% closer to landing your dream job!

Payments are processed through PayPal, which is 100% safe and secure.  The e-book is delivered as a PDF directly to your email inbox, wherever you are in the world.  You can get started right away!